V3 M90 Supercharger Kit

For Eaton M90 Supercharger


Average power curve:
300 – 400 HP with Eaton M90 Supercharger
(See performance specifications below for more information)

This V3 Supercharger Kit is an efficient bolt on kit that uses the Eaton M90 Supercharger and supports all BMW 6-cylinder M5x and S5x type engines: M50NV/M52/M54/S50/S52/S54.
This bracket kit requires you to use custom shorter Hyde Motor Works SR1 style manifold. The stock manifold will not allow fitment without being shortened.

NOTE: Price Reduced to clear, This is our old stock – V3 kits may have cosmetic imperfections and scratches, does not effect its function and use.



The V3 Supercharger Kits both require the use of the SR1 Rev. 6 Manifold. The stock engine manifold will not allow fitment.

The V3 Supercharger Kits comes with a guaranteed 24 months craftsmanship warranty**.

Please note:
The base V3 Supercharger Kit includes all hardware and pipe work you require to bolt on the supercharger, which is not included in the kit.
You will have to find your own Eaton Supercharger locally or inquire us to help source one.
The Eaton M45 supercharger as well as different M62 and M90 superchargers may be retro fitted with any of the V3 kits, but are not officially supported by Hyde Motor Works. Please look at the product page for a list of supported supercharger variants. On the E46 and E38 and E39 you may be required to relocate your radiator reservoir or use a E36 or aftermarket radiator for space issues.

To complete the installation, you will require the following additional parts:

  • a silicone hose kit and hose clamps
  • vacuum hose
  • an air filter
  • an intercooler kit
  • larger injectors
  • a boost gauge and
  • proper tune (reprogrammed ECU or standalone ECU).

All parts (except tune) can be provided by us on request, at extra costs.

For tuning, we suggest the Ostrich II Piggyback for the OBD I (M50 – pre 1995). As for the OBD II (M52/M54 – post 1995) we suggest to remap the ECU flash or dyno tune from 3rd party tuners.

Please check our Product Finder for all parts available in our shop necessary for this setup.
For more information on the V3 Supercharger Kit please check the overview on Our Products page.

Additional information

Weight15 kg

Boost Depending on Supercharger

M90: 6-11PSI

Chassis & Engine Fitment

For all E34, E36, E38, E39 and E46, Z4, Z3 and E30 with M5x or S5x engine swaps. Supports all the 6 cylinder M50/M52/M54 or S50/S52/S54 motors.


For compatibility, you must use small body M90 with the short snout and small body variant commonly found in the Jaguar V8 or Aston Martin.

Supported Eaton M90 Supercharger Part #: 1W936F066AA – NBD7700BA.

Retro fitment: You can also use the M90 found in a Ford Thunderbird (89-95 Thunderbird SC, 89-90 Cougar 3.8L M90 Supercharger) which is known to be retro fitted at your own discretion to our brackets requiring some slight modification to the mounting plate.

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V3 Supercharger Kit, V3 Supercharger Kit with SR1 Manifold

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