Welcome to Hyde Motor Works! Custom BMW Supercharger DIY Kits For M3, M52 & More.

Custom BMW Supercharger Setups that you can use to add more horse power on a budget! We have Full Bracket Kits for various OEM Roots Superchargers and also offer Licensed copies of our original designs in form of Whiteprint Template & Technical Schematics. All tailored to work on Straight 6 Cylinder BMW M3 S50, S52, S54, M50, M52 & M54 motors found on most 3 and 5 Series as well as Z3 & Z4 BMW’s.

Please enjoy the Pictures, Videos & Offerings, and for more Information please select from the menu, head over to the blog or drop me a line.

I welcome both national & international BMW Enthusiasts world wide, I can Ship to US, EU, UK, ME, Asia & SA; Just ask. 🙂

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About In Brief: I am a hobbyist based in Whangarei, New Zealand as of now; and have been working with custom Supercharger Setups for BMW’s since the M52Supercharged Project was made public back in 2015. Currently I have project associates in US & Europe, and a number of clients all around the world, including setups gone and claimed 3rd place in the 2017 American Endurance Races, The HMW Supercharger Project is proven & one of a kind. I did this for everybody while getting something back for my investments.

Below is an overview of  Plans & Kits Available. For more information visit the Superchargers Setups Page.

Whiteprint Templates
For the DIY Minded
Precision Technical Whiteprint 1:1 Drawings with CAD Files + an extensive step by step instructional guide to help you construct a inexpensive Supercharger Kit using either the SC14, Eaton M90, M62, M45 or M122H Superchargers.
- Set of Full Scale Whiteprints
- DFX CAD Files (On Request)
- 30+ Page Installation Guide
- Required Bolt Guide
- Limited Personal Usage License.
- International Shipping
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HMW SC14 V2.1 Setups
+50 - 100HP Capable*
Simple Thick Plate Based Bolt on Bracket System, Laser Cut. The SC14 V2.1 truly offers an simple universal fitment of the Toyota Previa/Estima SC14 Supercharger into all BMW 6 Cylinder M50NV/M52/M54/S50/S52/S54 Based Motors.
- HMW V2.1 Brackets
- SC14 Inlet & Outlet Flanges
- Idler, Belt, Nuts & Bolts
- V2,1 WhitePrints + Guides
- International Shipping
- SC14 Supercharger (Optional)
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HMW V3 M90/M62 Setups
+70 - 150HP Capable (M90)*
Based on some earlier works, now available to public, These retain stock engine manifold & will allow mounting of the Short Snout (Nose) Eaton M62 & M90 Superchargers Commonly Found in Jaguar's, Mercedes Kompressors.
- V3 - M62/M90 Brackets
- Required Nuts & Bolts
- Idler Pulley & Drive Belt
- Installation Guide
- Whiteprint Templates
- International Shipping.
More Information
HMW K.C. M122H Setup
+150 - 300HP Capable*
Setup Based on an Eaton M122H Ford Shelby GT500 Supercharger which is OEM capable of flowing 650HP. Originally a vision, Led by me and my friend Keith Caldwell now made into a Realization.
- HMW KC M122H Bracket Kit
- Custom Discharge Pan
- Custom Intake Manifold
- Belt, Idler Pulley & Bolts
- Installation Guide
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Kris Shanmugam    February 14, 2017   Malaysia   

"The more I get into this build, the more impressed I am about the time and effort you spent developing it to get all the mounting points exact. I have test mounted the supercharger and it looks good, well sited and clear of the bodywork etc."

Sam Lasike    January 14, 2017   Auckland, New Zealand   

"I'm now in contact with HYDE and he's been really super helpful in assisting me to attain cert for PSS10 Blistein Coilovers and Supercharger on the car, which the original mechanic said he would do, but had not!"

Steffon Ramgoolam    August 31, 2016   Trinidad & Tobago   

" I really appreciate your helpfulness, you are definitely an awesome guy!"

Markus Karl    August 20, 2016   Moosurg, Germany   

"frist at all - thanx a lot!"

Duncan McCleely    November 13, 2016   Perth, Australia – Nelson, New Zealand   

"Thanks for your help. I will contact you once i am back and ready to fit the kit.."

Eddie Lee    October 27, 2016   Sydney, Australia   

"Jesus... you're really the guru of supercharger bud! What do you do for work if you don't mind me asking? My best guess is you're an engineer? With all those crazy calculation you do on CFM, pulley size and corresponding boost pressure which are just amazing!"

Oleg Loginov    January 1, 2017   North Carolina, USA   

"Planning on making a very clean looking system with those v2.1 plans with e85 and water/meth injection”

Jimi Matson    November 8, 2015   Auckland, New Zealand   

"First off if like to say a huge thank you for taking your time to reply, let alone come back with such valuable information! I can't thank you enough. "

John Haji    October 2, 2016   Greece   

"I got to admit it....
You sir have unique way around people...
You should be a politician... 🙂 "

Ryan Pooler    October 19, 2016   Utha, USA   

"Just wanted to reach out and thank you for your hard work in developing this for your fellow BMW brothers. I'm super impressed"

Damian Nettman    March 14, 2016   Torbay, Auckland, New Zealand   

"Hey hyde thanks for your help...im going to.get a supercharger probably today! "

Michael Krug    August 5, 2016   Wörth am Rhein, Germany   

"Hello Hyde,
your package arrived last Thursday 🙂 ))) Thank you very much, also for the postcards and your tipps/writings!!!"

Sharn Muakiholeva    June 21, 2016   Masterton, New Zealand   

"Thank you very much! 🙂
Been somthing i have been looking forward to doing from the day i brought your plans."

Sam Beatty    February 19, 2016   Queensland, Australia   

"Wow thank you very much, I really appreciate the effort you have put in to so meticulously plan out the build. Im really excited to start work. .. The plans arrived today. They look really good."

R. van Klaveren    January 17, 2017   Brunssum, Netherlands   

"i know the work that goes into making something custom like this. that's basicly why i'm buying yours instead of messing around myself reinventing the wheel."

Phil Ehlinger - Tequila Petrol    April 24, 2017   Pennsylvania, USA   

"Thanks also go to Scandanavian and New Zealand transplant Hyde who helped with the SC bits from the other side of the world and shared his expert advice and knowledge." - 3rd on Watkind Glen International, April 2017, American Endurance Races 2017.

Gary Farrell    March 7, 2017   United Kingdom   

"Legend Mr Hyde
Thanks again for your help because without your help this project would not be following through"

Currently All the Setups are Supportive of all S5x/M5x Platforms from 320i, 323i, 325i, 328i, 330ci; 520i, 525i, 528i and US S52 or Euro S50 M3’s, and from a range of chassis’s as E30, E34, E36,E37 BMW Roadster,E38,E39 & E46. In the Future we Plan to work on M20 and M40 Motors.