Hyde Motor Works offers customized, high quality and affordable supercharger setups that are time and track proven to be a one of a kind solution for any enthusiast looking for a setup that delivers a serious boost in power.

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Get a feel for one of the largest available supercharger kits for classic cars. Our chief engineer, Keith Caldwell takes you on a virtual ride in his 3.0 l M50 Stroker BMW 3 series, powered by the M1 K.C. Supercharger kit.

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Featured Supercharged Build of December 2022

Winter is here and we are back to present all of our dear followers the featured build of the month of December 2022.

This turquoise E36 323i hardtop convertible manages to stand out from the rest very well, partially thanks to its exotic aggressive looks, making it seem as if it’s out of a Mad Max movie, backed by a lovely whine from an Roots Supercharger under the hood.

Featured Supercharged Build of November 2022

We are proud to present to all our readers and fans our Featured Build of the Month November 2022.

This supercharged E46 328i build belongs to Peter Duliere from United Driver and was completed by our French Installers & Resellers Anthony and Thibaut from JMT Classic Auto.

SR 1 Manifold Rev. 6

Hyde Motor Works enhanced the SR 1 Manifold (Rev. 6) for the M1 as well as the V3.2 Supercharger Kits, which both require a custom manifold. The Hyde Motor Works SR 1 Manifold Rev. 6 is available now. The Rev. 4 and Rev. 5 manifolds on stock were sold out within a short time.

Resellers Worldwide

Our worldwide customers are now able to purchase the desired Hyde Motor Works’ products directly via our local resellers, in an increasing number of countries.

The resellers offer not only the Hyde Motor Works’ products but also consulting, assistance and installation. Check our reseller map for a local reseller closest to you.