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Custom BMW Supercharger Setups that you can use to add more horsepower on a budget! We have Full Bracket Kits for various OEM roots type Superchargers. All tailored to work on many classic and modern BMW cars with 6 Cylinder, 4 Cylinder & 8 Cylinder engines found on most BMW M Series, 3 Series, 5 Series & 7 Series cars as well as the BMW Z3 & Z4.

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We are a group of hobbyists based in Germany and United States, and formerly also in New Zealand. Since 2015 we have been publicly offering our custom in house designed & produced supercharger setups. We have built some of the largest supercharger kits available for classic BMW’s. Today we have the pleasure of serving a great number of clients all around the world, our setups have been to international races, shows & competitions as the Stoneleigh 2018 UK, and 2020 is our fourth consecutive year in the American Endurance Races. The H.M.W. Supercharger Setups are time & track proven to be a one of a kind reliable solution for any enthusiast looking for a serious setup with amazing individual support that is still affordable & highly competitive.



V2.1X SC14
HP Capcity: +70 – 120HP*

The original multiplatform simple plate based bolt on bracket system for the compact SC14 Supercharger. Retains oem engine manifold.

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V3 M62 & M90
HP Capcity: +50 – 130HP*

This is a hybrid between the V2 & K.C. M1, allows installation of small body Eaton M62 & M90 Superchargers, can retain the oem engine manifold.

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HP Capacity: +40 – 200HP *

Inspired by the V2, The V4 was designed for 4 cylinder application. Supports AMR500, SC14, M45 & M62 Superchargers. It’s the largest M4x kit.

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K.C. M1
HP Capcity: +150 – 350HP *

Supports the Eaton M122H & TVS Superchargers from the Ford Shelby GT500. This  setup uses an custom engine manifold. Its the largest M5x/S5x kit.

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