Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

All 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series, Z3 & Z4 Straight 6 Cylinder BMW’s from 1990 – 2005.

320i, 323i, 325i, 328i, 330ci; 520i, 525i, 528i, 728i, 730i

M3’s – Both US S52 or Euro S50 & S54 M3’s.

And a range of chassis’s as E30, E34, E36,E37 BMW Roadster,E38,E39 & E46.

New projects add support for other car & engines models, for detailed information, please check the information found on each product listing in the Shop as well as Our Products Page.

Yes, All the Setups are well documented and have their own installation guides that can be downloaded from the Installation Guide section of our website. Alternatively, please email us.

Yes, for most models of our kits dont required to buy the supercharger from us. You can source your own supercharger.

Please note below is a list of all the compatible superchargers our setups use.

SC14 from Toyota
M90 Eaton Short Body & Snout from Jaguars.
M62 Eaton Short Body & Snout from Mercedes Kompressor,
M45 Eaton Short Snout from Mercedes & BMW Mini etc.
AMR500 Asin
M122H Eaton from The Ford Mustang (2007 – 2012)
TVS2.3 (2350) Eaton

Yes, we offer world wide shipping. You can check shipping prices directly from the shop, otherwise email us to check if extra fees or restrictions may occur to ship to your location.

All orders are taken through the shop, We accept Paypal, Stripe, Credit Cards, Bank Transfer as well as IBAN.

All payments are processed directly by your selected payment gateway. We do not store your payment information.

This Depends on the Supercharger Setup used, Power is relevant to a lot of factors including your engine as well as the efficiency and amount of air flow (CFM), not exactly something that can be calculated just based of Boost Pressure (PSI). Hence on a smaller older blower you may overdrive the blower to get more CFM, while a larger or more efficient blower can push more air at the same boost levels and be capable of delivering more power.

That said, the dyno records suggest a mere 3PSI or from the SC14 you can see around 25-35 WHP (Around 35-40 HP at the Motor/Crank). 8 PSI Should give you around a 50% Increase theoretically.

For High power applications we suggest our M1 and larger setups.

This of course depends on the Supercharger, the Engine & Pulley combination used.Every one of our Supercharger Kits are made for certain engine applications and have their ratted boost output.It is best to look under the Our Products page or the Shop listings to get more information on each setup. Boost itself varies and is much dependent on your motor, and any modifications done to it, as cams, intake, exhaust; always remember to use a good quality by pass valve setup (not to be confused with a blow off valve).For example with the V2 Kit (SC14 SC) with its stock pulley You are looking to make around 3 – 4 PSI on a 2500cc – 3200cc BMW motor, Using the HMW 80mm smaller pulley, you can see upwards of 6-10PSI. All while, with the M1 Kit (M122H SC), you would see 13-16PSI of boost on the same engine with its stock pulley.
We would always recommend that you get a proper tune for your car and check with local laws and regulations to keep it road legal.For example, a lot of the Pre 1995 (OBD I) cars such equipped with M42, M60, M50 and M50TU Motors have DME’s that cant just be flashed, those may require a piggyback system such as the Ostrich II. All while as OBD II (1995 and after), Such as M52, M54 etc come with ECU’s that are typically flash able.For a everyday street car, a lot of people would find a reprogrammed stock DME to be sufficient, however if you are looking for absolute control and power, then you may find its best to go with a standalone ecu system. It is however best to consult your tuner in regards.Depending on your Budget and Tuner you would likely be able to reprogram your current ECU or may opt for a Standalone or Piggyback unit for higher boost Supercharger Kits.

Our Supercharger kits do not require any belt alignment. That is already taken care of in our designs.

Ensure you use a new mechanical spring type belt tensioner to replace the old one that is in the car already, to ensure there is no belt slip.

Its very important to maintain and service your supercharger on regular intervals, just like your engine.Essentially this can involve from changing the right oil to even bearings if required. We have a basic DIY services guide for the SC14 superchargers written on the blog here.We recommend you refer to the manufactures guide to service their superchargers.

Orders can be made using the Shop, while if you have any questions or queries then please contact us using the Contact page.