V2 Rev 3 Supercharger Kits Sale!

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Good news to share: our new Rev3 of the long line of V2 Supercharger Kits have just arrived!

For all enthusiasts, wishing to add some Horsepower to their M5x and S5x BMW engines,  we are offering the first 10 customers ordering the HMW V2 Supercharger Kit a €200 discount.

First come, first serve! Please use the Coupon Code: V2REV3

Buy directly at our shop

To learn more about the V2 setup,  please check out the V2 Product Overview.

Unsure which parts you need to get? Check out our new Product Finder page to assist you in easily putting together your future V2 Supercharger Kit, with all the necessary parts.

Product finder: https://hydemotorworks.com/shop/product-finder/

Should you still need guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Summer Sale 2021!

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Hyde Motor Works set sails for new shores in 2021!

We are offering 11% discount off all products in our shop to everyone who wants to set sails as well this summer… or rather mount a supercharger kit to their car.

If you are not sure which kit you need to reach your goal, use our new Product Finder tool.
Or send us an email to: [email protected]

Start your dream project now!
Save 11% on all HMW products in our Shop!

Coupon Code: Summer21

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Straight Six Manifold Rev. 5 – Production Started!

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HMW started production of its in-house designed, custom made Straight Six Manifold Rev. 5, the heart of the M1 K.C. and V3.2 Supercharger Kits.

This aluminum manifold replaces the stock BMW 6-cylinder engine intake manifold and is used on supercharger and turbocharger applications with high intake power. It can also be used with naturally aspirated engines. It offers a total 15% increase in airflow compared to our older design.

The runner pipes are obtained in the pipe extrusion process by using a custom size mold, for maximum airflow. The square shape of the air collector, designed by Zar Hyder himself in cooperation with Keith Caldwell of K.C. Design, is optimized for high performance against intake air starvation on naturally aspirated engines, in contrast to all hedge style manifolds offered by all of our competitors. The welding on the joints is handcrafted and requires an extreme level of precision and accuracy during the manufacturing process.

The HMW Straight Six Manifold was first produced by K.C. Designs in 2017 and replaced the stock engine distributor for the first V3 & later the M1 kit installation. The design of the Rev. 5 variant offers a total of 25% increase in airflow compared to our Rev. 1 variant.

The M1 K.C. and the V3.2 supercharger kits both support all BMW 6-cylinder M5x & S5x based engines: M50NV/M52/M54/S50/S52/S54. The Straight Six Manifold Rev. 5 requires the M54 intake manifold adapter for the M54 and M52TU engines.

The Straight Six Manifold Rev. 5 is offered PE coated and will be available from late August 2021 on, yet we are starting to take pre-orders already now. The Straight Six Manifold Rev. 4 was sold out within a month earlier this year.

For more information on the HMW Straight Six Manifold Rev 5 please visit the Product Overview page.
For all Orders please visit the Official Shop or contact us.

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