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BLACK KAISER Supercharger Kit

M122H & TVS2350 Supercharger

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Average power curve: 500 – 800 HP*
(See performance specifications below for more information)

The Black Kaiser is the largest and highest horsepower output supercharger kit ever built for V8 BMW’s.

Developed with air to air intercooling support for the 8-cylinder BMW N62, M62, M60, S62, S65 V8 engines as well as engines based on the BMW N6x, M6x or S6x engine blocks such as the Alpina H1, F3, F4, F5 and Racing Dynamics R52.

This top mount supercharger system supports a wide range of classic and Neo-modern BMW’s such as the E31, E32, E34, E38, E39, E39 M5, Z8, E53 X5, E60, E61, E63, E64, E65, E66, E70 , E90, E92, E93 M3 models as well as cars such as Morgan Aero 8, Aplina B10 V8, Roadster V8, B5, B6, B7, Wiesmann MF4 and more.

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The Black Kaiser (In Deutsch / German: Der Schwarze Kaiser) has been under development in house since 2020 under Chief Engineer Keith Caldwell of K.C. Design Concepts in U.S.A. Designed around the notorious Eaton M122H & TVS2350 superchargers commonly found on the Mustang GT500’s which are easily capable of flowing well beyond 650 HP, as well as being able to support Twin Screw type superchargers upto 2.9L.

This supercharger kit was built for the 8 cylinder BMW N62 engine with support for the M62 and M60 engines. The Black Kaiser supercharger kit is to date the largest supercharger kit ever built for V8 BMW engines with air to air intercooling support aiding to its monstrous size and power output that can not be matched by any other product available in the market.

The Black Kaiser Supercharger kit is ideal for a very powerful sleeper street car that can see super heavy track time daily. Made with aircraft grade aluminum, it comes with its own custom crank pulley, a secondary belt tensioner and an independent belt drive system for the N62 engine. While on the older M60 and M62 engines the kit is able to retain the use of the existing crank pulley and belt drive, which in both cases allows you to preserve all the original stock belt driven engine accessories as the alternator, power steering, air conditioner, all in their original position.


  • Complete Set of Brackets
  • Supercharger DPIC (Discharge Pan Intercooler Chamber)
  • Inlet for the M122H Supercharger
  • Throttlebody Relocation Cable (for non electric throttle bodies as found on the M60)
  • Custom Fuel Rail (Supports OEM Size Fuel Injectors)
  • Custom Crank Pulley (N62)
  • Tensioner System with Independent Belt Drive (N62)
  • Idler Pulleys
  • MAP block off
  • Proper Gaskets
  • Full set of Fasteners (nuts, bolts and spacers)
  • Finished in Powder Coated Alpine Snow colour (Supercharger Kit)
  • Guaranteed 36 months craftsmanship warranty**


Supported Cars due to using 8-cylinder V8 BMW N62, M62, M60, S62, S65 engines:

  • 2000–2004 Morgan Aero 8 / GTN
  • 2008–2010 Morgan Aero 8 Series 4, Series 5, Aeromax, and Aero Coupe
  • 2010–2015 Morgan Aero SuperSports
  • 1999–2001 Alpina B10 V8
  • 2002-2004 Alpina B10 V8S
  • 2002-2003 Alpina Roadster V8
  • 2005-2007 Alpina B5 (E60/E61)
  • 2006-2007 Alpina B6 (E63)
  • 2003-2008 Alpina B7 (E65)
  • 2007-2010 Alpina B5 S (E60/E61)
  • 2007-2010 Alpina B6 S (E63)
  • 1999-2001 Racing Dynamics R52 Sport
  • 2005–2010 Ascari KZ1
  • 2006 Ascari A10
  • 2002–2005 Range Rover
  • De Tomaso Guarà
  • 2009-2014 Wiesmann MF4-S
  • 2003–2011 Wiesmann GT MF4 / Roadster MF4



  • The Supercharger is not included in the kit unless ordered separately from us, you are advised to use the given part number for the supercharger and order the supercharger locally.
  • Stock M122H pulley will limit the boost to 14PSI with an air to air intercooler, For 17-20 PSI you will have to rebuild the M122H Supercharger and use any available Hyde Motor Works overdrive pulley made for the M122H Supercharger or upgrade to the TVS2350 Supercharger, or even larger up to 2.9L Twin Screw type superchargers from Ken Bell or Whipple.
  • To use the full potential of the larger Superchargers, the engine must be built to hold high boost, the stock engine should not be pushed beyond 10PSI.*


To complete the installation on any of the setups, you will also require the following additional parts:

  • Eaton M122H or TVS2350 Supercharger with recommended accessories (check the technical specifications for part numbers)
  • an Intercooler Kit with silicone pipes and hose clamps (can be sold separately)
  • vacuum hose
  • an high flow air filter
  • a boost gauge
  • a recirculating by pass valve and
  • proper tune.


Please consult the installation guide for more information.

For Tuning, We recommend using any of our selected tuner partners.
Tuning Packages may also be offered in our shop.

Please check our Product Finder for all parts available in our shop necessary for this setup.
For more information on the Black Kaiser Supercharger Kit please check the overview on Our Products page.

Additional information

Weight14 kg

Eaton M122H: 10-16PSI*
Eaton TVS2300 / TVS2350: 16-20PSI

For over 20PSI we suggest using the following 2 Twin Screw Superchargers:
Kenne Bell 2.8L Twin Screw for 2007-2014 Shelby GT500 (Product Code: Z16-KB-54-TSS-P)
Whipple W175AX 2.9L Direct Drive Twin Screw

Boost will depend on the pulley used on the supercharger, we recommend rebuilding the supercharger (if used) with new bearings if you wish to run it with a smaller pulley!

Chassis Fitment & Engines

This is a top mount supercharger system that supports a wide range of classic and Neo-modern BMW's such as the E31, E32, E34, E38, E39, E39 M5, Z8, E53 X5, E60, E61, E63, E64, E65, E66, E70 , E90, E92, E93 M3 models as well as cars such as Morgan Aero 8, Aplina B10 V8, Roadster V8, B5, B6, B7, Wiesmann MF4 and more.

Not all models of chassis have been tested, if you would like to check with us your chassis measurements before buying, please email us.**


For compatibility, you must use the correct superchargers listed above.

Because this system was designed to utilize any supercharger that works with the Mustang GT500 from 2007 – 2014, you are also able to retro fit the Kenne Bell 2.8L Twin Screw or Whipple W175AX 2.9L, inlets for them may require custom piping and modification.

We recommend always using an proper sized air to air intercooler as well as having a built engine when you want to have boost over 10PSI to avoid engine damage and wear.