V3.62 Supercharger Kits


Average power curve: 250 – 300 HP
(See performance specifications below for more information)

The V3.62 is our most compact Supercharger Kit and it is also our best budget option for the stock engines.

Developed in house by K.C. Design Concepts and released in 2021, the V3.62 kit uses the small body 1l Eaton M62 Supercharger and works with the stock engine manifold with support for all BMW 6-cylinder M5x & S5x type engines as: M50NV/M52/M54*/S50*/S52/S54* FOUND in a range of different BMW series of cars.

V3.62 Rev II kits are now available on Pre-Order!



The V3.62 is the most small and easy to bolt on kit we have come up with so far. The supercharger kit will maintain the AC, the alternator and the power steering.

On BMW M52 and M50 engines it will work with the stock engine manifold.
On the M54 engine, you are suggested to use the M52 or M50 engine manifold and an manifold port adapter which is also sold by us.*
On the S5x series of engines as the S50 and S54 found in the M3’s, the V3.62 Kit may require a custom air collector plenum which can be ordered from us.*

The V3.62 Supercharger Kits
– include full PE coated brackets for V3.62 Supercharger Kit, M62 Inlet & Outlet Manifolds, M5x Throttle Body Relocation Kit, Belt, Idler Pulleys & Bolts
– come with a guaranteed 24 months craftsmanship warranty**.

Please note:
The base V3.62 Supercharger Kit includes all hardware and pipe work you require to bolt on the supercharger, which is not included in the kit. The V3.62 supports the small body Eaton M62 supercharger found on the MercedesBenz C 230 Kompressor. Other larger body type Eaton M62 Superchargers are not officially supported and will most likely require retrofitting. You will have to find your own Eaton M62 Supercharger locally or inquire us to help source one.

To complete the installation, you will require the following additional parts:

  • a silicone hose kit and hose clamps
  • vacuum hose
  • an air filter
  • an intercooler kit
  • larger injectors
  • a boost gauge and
  • proper tune (reprogrammed ECU or standalone ECU).

All parts (except tune) can be provided by us on request, at extra costs.

For maximum boost, you will need to use our HMW 60mm M62 Supercharger Pulley, sold separately.

For tuning, we suggest the Ostrich II Piggyback for the OBD I (M50 – pre 1995). As for the OBD II (M52/M54 – post 1995) we suggest to remap the ECU or Standalone ECU with a Dyno tune from 3rd party tuners.

Please check our Product Finder for all parts available in our shop necessary for this setup.
For more information on the V3 Supercharger Kit please check the overview on Our Products page.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg