About Hyde Motor Works

Hyde Motor Works, a brand of Hyde Enhanced Design and Engineering (H.E.D.E.) GmbH, is based in Sinsheim, Germany and offers customized, high quality and affordable supercharger setups that are time and track proven to be a one-of-a-kind solution for any enthusiast looking for a serious setup.


“Greatness from small beginnings”

If anything, that motto above sums it well. What originally started as a hobbyist project eventually became a reliable brand, offering a variety of supercharger bracket setups for various superchargers and engines on the market.

The founder, Zar Hyder started his first supercharger project on his own 3 series BMW with the M52 engine, in mid 2015. The project was set up as a cost efficient bolt on modification to get more power out of a stock, naturally aspirated BMW engine. While the project was being enhanced, he had the pleasure of interacting and personally dealing with a number of individuals from around the world, whose support and interest eventually persuaded him to turn his project into products. A few years after the original M52 supercharged project, Zar Hyder made his work available to the worldwide public and the Hyde Motor Works brand was born.

The goal of Hyde Motor Works has always been to offer unique, affordable supercharger setups to enthusiasts worldwide who are in search of higher performance for their vintage and classic automobiles.

With setups having competed in professional racing circuit environments with great results, it became decisive to expand in order to accommodate all future projects and better reach the growing number of customers worldwide.

Over the years, we have started collaborating with engineering partners from all over the world in order to innovate and further improve our existing supercharger setups and products.

Today, worldwide resellers and installers have been established to consult and assist our customers directly in their respective regions.

About K.C. Design Concepts

K.C. Design Concepts LLC (Hyde Motor Works K.C. Design) is our main Research & Design house based in New Jersey, USA.

K.C. is short for Keith Caldwell, a hobbyist and engineer who has designed together with Zar Hyder among others the Hyde Motor Works M1 K.C., the largest supercharger setup for BMW engines. More projects soon followed. The project was based on creating a powerful setup that can support very large, modernized Roots, TVS and Twin Screw type superchargers from various manufacturers and can hold its own ground against most competitor’s builds. In 2017, this new setup was showcased for the first time at the Bimmerfest East in the USA.

We have continued on that path of innovation and success ever since. Hence, today Hyde Motor Works K.C. Designs is in short the designation for the joint collaboration in the projects.

Keith is the Chief Engineer of Hyde Motor Works, in charge of all future R&D and of all operations in Northern America.

Thanks to the competence and good cooperation of the international HMW team, customized, innovative, outstanding drive solutions with affordable performance enhancement that are sustainable and reliable can be offered to customers worldwide.

International Engineering Team

Hyde Motor Works, had relocated its headquarters in 2019 to Southern Germany, the birthplace of the automobile. Our growing network of stakeholders in this region as well as around the world allows Hyde Motor Works and its product range to grow and expand.

Hyde Motor Works’ growing number of engineers work together as a team to increase the range of technical innovations in the field of power transmission and mechanical engineering. The main focus is on the design and engineering of innovative engine components leading to more powerful and efficient drives, as well as on the further development and improvement of existing drive designs and engine components.

All projects first undergo a prototyping phase involving an intensive testing in quality and simulated operation, before being offered worldwide.

State of the Art Production

H.E.D.E GmbH has assigned the production of the Hyde Motor Works’ line of products to multiple independent production plants that specialize in the production of automotive components and machine parts equipped with a state of the art industrial machinery and modern production lines dedicated for Hyde Motor Works. This enables us to produce our components with high-quality materials which are among others: mild steel with very low carbon content (between 0.05 – 0.25 per cent), aircraft grade aluminum and carbon fiber.

The production of a single part of our M1 K.C. Kit, for example, requires diverse procedures and materials such as cold-rolled steel that is later heat treated and machined like an engine block to ensure the perfect flatness for the mating surface.

An extreme level of precision and accuracy is required during the design and manufacturing process for the production of our engine components. This employs the knowledge of highly skilled technical engineers using state of the art laser cutting technology, water jets and autonomous welding robots, among others. The surface of our components are then treated with various coatings to prevent rust and scratches as well as to maintain durability.

The final product presented to the customer is a masterpiece of refined engineering.