M54 to M50 & M52 Intake Manifold Adapter

Bolt on the M50 Manifold on a M54 Engine!


This BMW M54 engine intake manifold adapter flange from Hyde Motor Works allows the fitment of the legendary M50 intake manifold as well as the M52 intake manifold onto the BMW M54 engine.

The is our in house simple bolt on design that requires no port matching or machining or blocking crank case ventilation ports on the engine block. Our adapter plate is a one step solution that allows you to bypass the stock BMW M54 Crank Case Ventilation (CCV/PCV) system. Includes the required silicone gasket.


This laser cut aluminum adapter plate was originally made to allow our SR1 manifolds to fit on to the BMW straight six M54 Engines. This adapter plate can also be used to fit an BMW M50B25 or M52B28 manifold onto the BMW M54 engine.

To install this you would require removing 2 extra studs from the intake side of the engine block. Then simply slide on the provided flat silicone gasket and place the adapter on top and bolt on your manifold.

Supports both the M50 and M52 Intake Manifolds.


Additional information

Weight0.750 kg
Product Specification:

5mm Aluminum plate construction
Silicone gasket included

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