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V2.1X Kits
SC14 Based Setups for 6 Cylinder Engines

Power: 70 – 120HP Capable* | Boost: 3 – 9PSI Direct or 4-8PSI Intercooled
3rd Place in Watkins Glen International, 2017 American Endurance Races.

Bracket Kit or Base Kit. Simple thick plate based bolt on Bracket System, Laser Cut. Fully customizable with options of Custom Pipework & Full Kits. The SC14 V2.1 truly offers an simple universal fitment of the Toyota Previa/Estima SC14 Supercharger into all BMW 6 Cylinder M50NV/M52/M54/S50/S52/S54 based motors.

V2.1X Brackets Kit 

HMW V2.1X Brackets (Powdercoated)

Inlet & Outlet Flanges
(Do Your Own Piping)
OEM Idler Pulley.
Set of Nuts & Bolts
Correct Gates Drive Belt
Installation Guide
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Full V2.1X Base Kit

Full V2.1X Brackets Kit


Custom Manifolds for Pipe Work

Inlet & Outlet Manifolds for SC14
2x Dummy Throttle Bodies

Inlet & Outlet Flanges,
Set of Nuts & Bolts
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Full Kit w/ Supercharger 

Complete HMW V2.1X Kit Includes

V2.1X Brackets Kit


V2.1X Manifolds Kit


SC14 Supercharger

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Custom SC14 V2.X Accessories & Parts:

K.C. M1 Kits
Eaton M122H & TVS Based 6 Cylinder Engines

Power: +150 – 350HP Capable | Boost: 15-25PSI Intercooled or 10PSI with stock bypass

This setup makes use of the Notorious Eaton M122H Supercharger Found on the Mustang GT500 which is OEM capable of flowing 650HP or adding an extra 300+ HP to your usual M5x – S5x Motor. This project was a realization of a vision, led by Hyde and good friend Keith Caldwell since February 2017 and showcased on Bimmerfest East 2017 and going to the 2020 American Endurance Races.

Fully Option-able, Can be sent as a complete package on request with pre-built manifold, piping, intercooled and everything. This is a serious setup that will blow you away, puts out a bar of boost out of the box but you can limit the boost to 10PSI using the blowers factory bypass valve, and to push this to its full potential 15PSI – 25PSI you need a built motor. So on an NA Motor we recommend turning the boost down.

K.C. M1 Base Kit

Complete M122H KC Brackets

Custom Discharge Pan (Powdercoated)

Custom All Aluminium Engine Manifold

(For M50/M52/M54/S50/S52 Motors)
Custom Fabricated Inlet & Throttlebody Mount
Belt, 2x Idler Pulleys & Bolts

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K.C. M1 Full Kit

Everything in M122H Base Kit

M122H GT500 Supercharger


Intercooler, Hoses & Pipework


Throttle Body Relocation Kit
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Accessories & Parts

V3 Kits
Eaton M62 & M90 Based Setups for 6 Cylinder Engines

Power: +50 – 130HP Capable (M90)*| Boost: 4-9PSI
A Mid Range Option, Specially Appealing to those in Europe.

Originally meant for the European enthusiast, The HMW V3 is a budget friendly midrange setup based on the V2.1X & The M122H KC. It utilizes a simple bolt on bracket system that will support mounting of the Short Snout Eaton M62 & M90 Superchargers that are commonly found in Jaguar XJ, Mercedes Kompressor, Aston Martin V8 Vantage. The setup supports all M5x & S5x BMW’s and depending on the Supercharger used, boost is around 5-9PSI and capable of adding some 70 – 110HP to the typical M5x or S5x Motor.

This setup unofficially also sports support for the M45 found in the BMW Supercharged Mini and also some M90’s found in some US cars as the ford Thunderbird.

V3 Kit

 V3 Eaton M62/M90 Bracket Kit

Throttlebody Relocation Dummy Manifolds

M62/M90 Supercharger Manifolds

Idler Pulleys, Spacers, Nuts & Bolts

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Accessories & Parts

 HMW SS Manifold
(Required For M90 SC – fits all M5x/S5x Motors)

Injectors 42ibs – 60ibs
Silicone Hose Kit


V4 M.O.A.B Kits

AMR500, SC14, Eaton M45 & M62 Based Setups For 4 Cylinder Engines.
Power: +40 – 150HP Capable (SC14)* | Boost: 5 – 15PSI
Affordable option that supports 4 different superchargers, made for the 4 Cylinder M44/M42 318ti & Z3 enthusiasts

This is a 4 cylinder supercharger kit that is made for the M42, M43, M44 motors found commonly in the 316i and 318i’s and all their relative models. Code named V4 M.O.A.B- Short for Mother Of All Brackets.

This kit supports 4 different superchargers, ranging from the AMR 500, SC14, Eaton M45 & and M62. The M45 & M62 kits are now in limited prototype phase. More information on the blog.

V4 AMR500 Kit

AMR 500 Bracket Kit

AMR 500 Manifolds

M4x Dummy Throttlebodies 
Radiator Hose Adapter

Spacers, Nuts & Bolts, Idler Pulleys, Extended Belt drive

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V4 SC14 Kit

SC14 Bracket Kit

M4x Dummy Throttlebodies 
Radiator Hose Adapter

 Left Hand threaded Bolt for Tensioner

Spacers, Nuts & Bolts, Idler Pulleys for extended belt drive

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V4 M45 & M62 Kit

M45 & M62 Bracket Kit

M4x Dummy Throttlebodies 
Radiator Hose Adapter

 Left Hand threaded Bolt for Tensioner

Spacers, Nuts & Bolts, Idler Pulleys for extended belt drive

– Tracked Airmail

Currently All the Setups are Supportive of all 6 Cylinder S5x/M5x Platforms such as M50, M52, M54 from 320i, 323i, 325i, 328i, 330ci; 520i, 525i, 528i and US S50/S52 or Euro S50 M3’s, And also work on range of chassis’s as E34, E36, E38, E39 & E46 as well as extended brackets for E37 BMW Z3 & Z4 Roadster*, E30*.

HP Numbers are at the Crank, Indicative of how much power it’s capable of adding on top of the NA Motor and Depended on Boost (PSI) and these numbers may vary. BMW Z3 & Z4 & E30 have seperate Brackets, an V2.2 is being worked on which will be much neater fit. In the Future we Plan to work on M20,M60 & M62 Motors as well.

Please note below is a list of all the compatible superchargers our setups use.

  • SC14 from Toyota Previa/Estima Vans, (Yellow Dipstick and Cross Face Pulley.
  • As of 2019 the second type of SC14 is also now supported with modified brackets*.
  • TVS2350 Eaton (From the 2013 -) GT500.
  • M122H Eaton (not the old M112) from The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (2007 – 2012)
  • M90 Eaton Short Snout from Mercedes or Jaguar XJ (X308), Aston Martin V8 Vantage & Ford Thunderbird*.
  • M62 Eaton Short Snout From the Mercedes 230 Kompressor,
  • M45 Eaton(Unofficial) Short Snout from BMW Mini etc, Twin Screw from the Mercedes 32 & 55 Kompressor (Unofficial)
  • Asin AMR 500.

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