Mother Of All Brackets Series


260 - 320 HP for Built Engines Using SC14 Superchargers

190 - 210 HP using AMR500 Superchargers

15+ PSI

9-15 PSI With SC14 Superchargers

under 5 PSI with AMR500 Superchargers for Stock Street Engines

Hyde Motor Works V4 M.O.A.B.

Supports: BMW 4 Cylinder M42, M43, M44 Engines

The V4 M.O.A.B. has been developed since mid 2019 and is the largest supercharger kit available for the BMW M42, M43, M44 engines, commonly found in the BMW 316i, 318is, 316Ti, 318Ti’s and Z3 cars.

This kit is based on the V2 supercharger kit and code named V4 M.O.A.B. (short for ‘Mother Of All Brackets’). With simplicity in mind, the V4 M.O.A.B. design was originally conceived as an affordable solution for 4-cylinder Ti & Z3 enthusiasts. It is built to support any of the following four different superchargers: AMR 500, SC14, Eaton M45 and M62.

The V4 M.O.A.B. starts at 3 to 5 PSI with the AMR500 supercharger and is a low budget compact setup. With the Eaton M45 you can reach a 7 to 8 PSI increase while using the M62 supercharger leads to an 8 to 12 PSI increase. For those looking for even higher power, the SC14 variant is capable of pushing over 15 PSI on built engines. All the V4 M.O.A.B. setups can be intercooled.

Warranty: 48 Months*

Available Product Options

Below, all options available for this kit are shown. If you have any questions, please Contact Us or visit our Official Shop to order online.

V4 AMR 500 Base Kit

  • Complete V4 AMR500 Brackets Kit

  • AMR500 Intake & Outlet Manifolds

  • M4x Dummy Throttlebodies

  • Belt, Idler Pulleys & Bolts

V4 SC14 Base Kit

  • Complete V4 SC14 Brackets Kit

  • SC14 Intake & Outlet Manifolds

  • M4x Dummy Throttlebodies

  • Left Hand threaded Bolt for Tensioner

  • Idler Pulleys for extended belt drive

  • Belt, Idler Pulleys & Bolts

Optional Accessories

  • AMR300 Supercharger

  • AMR500 Supercharger

  • SC14 Supercharger

  • Hyde Motor Works 80mm Pulley (11-15PSI)

  • Intercooler & Silicone Coupler Kit