3rd in Watkins Glen - 2017 American Endurance Races


250 - 320 HP for M5X Engines

9+ PSI

6 - 7 PSI Intercooled Out of the Box With HMW 80mm Pulley

350 - 380+ HP for built BMW S5X M3 Engines

Over 9+ PSI boost with Water to Air Intercooler

Boost can be limited to 3PSI

Hyde Motor Works V2

Supports: BMW 6 Cylinder M50, M50TUB, M52, M52TUB, M54, S50, S52 Engines

The V2 is the successor to our original V1 Kit, conceived and developed between early-mid 2010’s. Thus, this is one of our oldest running supercharger kits and it has been everywhere, from the streets to kit car shows and the race tracks. This setup powered the first supercharged car in the 2017 American Endurance Races where our team’s car won 3rd place.

The V2 is a streamlined, simple bolt-on bracket system that allows the use of the SC14 Roots based supercharger. It is a well matured & extensively covered fully customizable kit and offers its universal fitment system that works on all the M5x and S5x based BMW engines. With the addition of our custom pulley option for the SC14 supercharger, this kit makes a great addition for enthusiasts with a stock engine, looking to add an additional +50 – 100 RWHP.

Warranty: 48 Months*

Available Product Options

Below, all options available for this kit are shown. If you have any questions, please Contact Us or visit our Official Shop to order online.

V2 Bracket Kit

  • Complete V2 Brackets Kit

  • SC14 Inlet & Outlet Flanges

  • Belt, Idler Pulleys & Bolts

V2 Base Kit

  • Complete V2 Brackets Kit

  • SC14 Inlet & Outlet Flanges

  • SC14 Inlet & Outlet Manifolds

  • Belt, Idler Pulleys & Bolts

  • M5x Throttlebody Relocation Kit

V2 Complete Kit

  • Complete V2 Brackets Kit

  • SC14 Inlet & Outlet Flanges

  • SC14 Inlet & Outlet Manifolds

  • Belt, Idler Pulleys & Bolts

  • M5x Throttlebody Relocation Kit

  • V2 Silicone Coupler Kit (Non Intercooled)

  • HMW 80mm Pulley (6-9PSI)

  • SC14 Supercharger Unit

Optional Accessories

  • SC14 Supercharger

  • Intercooler & Silicone Coupler Kit

  • V2 Silicone Hose Kit (Non Intercooled)

  • Throttle Body Relocation Kit

  • SC14 Inlet & Outlet Flanges

  • SC14 Inlet & Outlet Manifolds

  • Injectors 42lbs - 60lbs


Firstly, what can I say, thanks ever so much for your continued support, from not only yourself, but the whole team and your family for allowing you to invest so much time in the BMW custom tuning scene, you’re support has been invaluable and superb throughout so thank you.
After 4 years of component fitting, re-location and adjustment, the motor is finally running with forced induction from the blower. It has had to me alpha n mapped for the time being as you were spot on regarding the re circulation boost washing out the MAF readings, however the results in the current tune are attached. I went into the mapping session wanting 250bhp (rear wheels), and she achieved 258bhp 300ftlb torque. I am absolutely made up.

Only a couple of complications presented themselves over the last few days of driving. 1 was the maf wash out, which happened on the rollers as we know, so this is currently unplugged whilst motor is Alpha N tuned. Second was a hose blew off, also on the rollers and finally, a slightly longer belt, allowed it to rub on itself, overheating the belt, and causing it to shred / slip within 50 miles of being on the rollers.

Other than these minor issues, the setup, up to now, has behaved brilliantly. A nice pull which feels not to far away from the 3L M3. What a brilliant feeling it is to finally reach what is the major milestone of my e36 build, so very happy.

Stephen Phillips

Buckley, United Kingdom

Thanks also go to Scandanavian and New Zealand transplant Hyde who helped with the SC bits from the other side of the world and shared his expert advice and knowledge.” – 3rd on Watkind Glen International, April 2017, American Endurance Races 2017.

Phil Ehlinger

Doylestown, Pennsylvania