Supports: Various Engines & Superchargers

These purpose built pulleys are made for superchargers and engines. Machined from high quality aluminum and suitable specially for built engines that can handle more boost.

All our supercharger pulleys are fixed so you won’t be able to use a magnetic clutch function on your supercharger, while the engine pulleys are often made to accommodate a different belt drive system for a supercharger. They can be over-drive or under-drive. Please refer to the technical specifications.

Warranty: 48 Months*

Available Product Options

Below, all options available are shown. If you have any questions, please Contact Us or visit our Official Shop to order online.

Supercharger Pulleys

  • Hyde Motor Works 80mm SC14 Pulley

  • Hyde Motor Works 60mm M62 Pulley

  • AMR500 V Belt Pulley

Engine Pulley

  • BMW M5X 6 Cylinder Overdrive Pulley

  • BMW M10 SC Drive Pulley