Hyde Motor Works Manifolds

Supports: Various Engines & Superchargers

Throughout all of our projects we have had the necessity to design custom manifolds for both engines and superchargers. This way we were able to not only accommodate the geometry of a kit but also support where high boost is involved.

The SR1 Manifold Rev. 6 is designed completely in-house at Hyde Motor Works K.C. Designs and is the core of many of our larger setups, such as the M1 K.C. Kit. It is made of aluminum and used for forced induction. This manifold replaces the stock BMW 6 cylinder engine intake manifold and holds up in supercharger and turbocharger applications where high boost is involved. It can also be used with naturally aspirated engines.

Our SR1 series of manifolds has been in development since 2017 under K.C. Design Concepts LLC and is a critical part of our M1 K.C. and V3.2 Supercharger Kits.

The V4 M.O.A.B. Miniature Manifold is designed for 4-cylinder M4x engines. Originally it was designed to accommodate our Eaton M45 and M62 project for the 4-cylinder engines, which has since become a separate project (the W.M.D. V456) in its own self.

Our line of manifolds include our Throttle Body Relocation Manifolds and our custom supercharger inlets and outlets, which are also produced to accommodate the various setups. Most of our manifolds are either inclusive of a kit but are also sold individually.

Warranty: 48 Months*

Available Product Options

Below, all options available are shown. If you have any questions, please Contact Us or visit our Official Shop to order online.

Engine Manifolds

  • S.S. Engine Manifold (6 Cylinder)

  • M5x Throttle Body Relocation Kit (6 Cylinder)

  • M4x Throttle Body Relocation Kit (4 Cylinder)

  • M.O.A.B. M4x Miniature Manifold (4 Cylinder)

Supercharger Manifolds

  • AMR500 Inlet & Outlet Manifolds

  • SC14 Inlet & Outlet Manifolds

  • M45 Inlet & Outlet Manifold

  • M62 Inlet & Outlet Manifolds

  • M90 Inlet & Outlet Manifolds

  • M122H Discharge Pan

  • M122H Inlet & Throttlebody Mount