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SC14 Supercahrger for BMW Info
Weight: 12kg Displacement: 1460cc Dimensions: 31cm long x 15cm wide x25.5cm tall Max Safe Operation: 12000 rpm Theoretical Discharge cc/rev 1160 – 1460 Maximum RPM Continuous) 11,000 – 10,000 Maximum RPM Instantaneous) 14,000 – 13,000 Maximum Pressure Ratio Continuous 1.8 Maximum Pressure Ratio instantaneous 2.0

The Toyota SC14 is compact heavy roots type positive displacement supercharger which can fit almost any car, it has the ability to spin both ways and still make power, A nifty feature these chargers also incorporate is a magnetic clutch system that when wired to a switch lets you turn it on and off when you desire, turn the supercharger on and off at will – akin to the Mad Max films, Some people wire it to the throttle position sensor, only having it on at full throttle, some also delete the clutch system altogether.

Originally Manufactured by Ogura Clutch, Code Named TX15 and more commonly known as the Toyota SC14 supercharger, many of its smaller and larger variants were used in Volvos, VW, Mitsubishi, Kawasaki Jet Skis, Toyota People Mover Vans, Speed Boats and many more throughout the last two decades. From AMR300, to AMR500, to SC12 and the larger sized SC20 and SC28 (Code Named TX20 & TX28), there are many of these blowers floating around for dime a dozen, and that’s what they are worth, while larger variations are still somewhat new and less readily available, this whole concept takes the SC14 or TX15 into account with possibility of future incorporation of other larger roots type blowers in its family as well as non roots, twin screw type eatons. Although The Roots is less efficient than the Screw Type Eaton’s, the SC14 is still a very robust and inexpensive charger which has displacement of around 1460cc which is relatively larger than the 1000cc Eaton M62 and more similar to Eaton M90’s which have nearly the same displacement at 1500cc. In stock the Supercharger can produce just under 5 PSI of Boost with its 113mm pulley with the option of smaller OEM or Aftermarket Pulleys as those from Pulleybros, Custom machined to make more power.

NOTE: For proper installation you must ENSURE You Are Using The Same SC14 unit as we are, this unit is easily distinguished by its smaller 6 Rib Pulley with the Crossface and Yellow Dipstick, From what I gather these are commonly found in the Estima & Previa vans of the 90’s but also in the Toyota Crowns with the 1GGZE Engines (as GS120, GS121, GS130) 1988–1990 Toyota Mark II/Chaser/Cresta GX81 and Toyota Supra’s from 85-89. There are a few variations of the SC14 Supercharger, the one in the Previa is said to have tabs are bent a bit forwards as well as being slightly offset towards the pulley side, mainly it’s mounting points and manifolds that vary across different Toyota cars, which overall is not a big deal, however please make sure you have the right charger for the installation, if all fails you can however may be able to still use these brackets with some slight modifications to ensure it sits just right.

Pulley Options

As rule of thumb, on superchargers, the smaller the pulley, the faster you spin the rotors and the more power you output.

A variety of pulleys are available for the SC14, Many even overdrive the blower over 2x using alternator pulleys with the right bearing. The Stock Toyota ones include those from the Toyota Previa SC14 (115mm) are a straight bolt on, as well as a 103mm Pulley from a Sanden TRS105-3207 AC Compressor found in the Holden VN V6 Commodore (~1995) which requires slight modifications, users also have the option of getting even smaller bolt on swap able pulleys as the Toyota Corolla Aircon SRS Pulley from the 2002 – 2004 models, its a direct fit, or you can try using various alternator pulleys with slight modifications or get one off the shelf in the aftermarket area for somewhat higher boost.

• Stock Pulley 125mm
• Stock SC12 Pulley 120mm
• Previa Pulley 113mm
• Holden VN Modified Air ConPulley 103mm
• Toyota Corolla (02-04) SRS Air Con Pulley 93mm

More Information of installation and other bits revelant to the BMW Supercharger Conversion using the SC14 can be found in my BMW SC14 Supercharger Installation Guide.


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