Featured Supercharged Build of December 2022

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Winter is here and we are back to present all of our dear followers the featured build of the month of December 2022. This turquoise E36 323i hardtop convertible manages to stand out from the rest very well, partially thanks to its exotic aggressive looks, making it seem as if it’s out of a Mad Max movie, backed by a lovely whine from an Roots Supercharger under the hood.


This was built by Preston Prentis from California, using the Hyde Motor Works V3.62 Supercharger Kit and tuned by Kassel Performance. After a newly rebuilt supercharger and a stronger clutch, this 1999 323i pushes out some 300HP from the stock factory rated 168HP BMW M52B25 engine.

In Spring 2021 Preston reached out to us with great enthusiasm seeking information to supercharge his BMW build with a simple reliable solution. After some consultation we convinced him to use one of our newer kits, the V3.62, a setup that uses the Eaton M62 roots supercharger. With the additional Hyde Motor Works M62 60 mm Pulley and a good tune it is capable of delivering 8 PSI + with an air-to-air intercooler.

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Featured Supercharged Build of November 2022

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We are proud to present to all our readers and fans our Featured Build of the Month – November 2022. This supercharged E46 328i build belongs to Peter Duliere from United Driver and was completed by our French Installers & Resellers Anthony and Thibaut from JMT Classic Auto.

United Driver is an auto enthusiast channel that does a lot of performance car reviews in French and has almost 46k subscribers on YouTube, 14+k followers on Facebook and 37+k followers on Instagram.

Peter Duliere has made a wonderful video series showing his capabilities featuring his E46 with the Hyde Motor Works V3.62 Supercharger kit.

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