Featured Supercharged Build of August 2023

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This month’s Featured Build takes us to Calgary in Alberta, Canada! This wonderful 1995 BMW E36 Supercharged 318Ti was built by Mathew Schmor. Mat first reached out to us earlier this year, asking us of his intent to supercharge the stock 4 Cylinder BMW M42/M44 engine using the M45 supercharger found in the Mini Cooper.

We quickly settled on a V4 M.O.A.B. 500 Kit, which is based on the AMR 500 supercharger, as the WMD 45 kit that supports the M45 supercharger was not yet ready. The M.O.A.B. 500 kit produces just under 5 PSI of boost which translates an additional 40-50HP + to the stock engine. For a 4 Cylinder BMW engine such as the M44B19 or the M42b18, which hovers around the sub 150HP mark, this pushes it to the level of the 6 Cylinder variants nearing 200HP’s with a more aggressive power band.

“Well we had a successful Saturday morning including some challenges. AMR 500 is fully operational with 4 pounds of boost recorded. We did some short test pulls mainly rolling from 2000 rpm to 5800-6000 rpm second gear shifting into 3rd.

As mentioned before we live pretty high. This set up at Sea Level would probably be reaching closer to 5 pounds of boost.
Consistency hitting 4 lbs of boost. Closer to sea level this unit would really be something.

In reality I am hitting about 2.5 lbs of boost above stock and it is still making the car way more fun to drive and the noises make me grin.”  – Mat

The car has been to the European Car show in Calgary, and the build was well documented on the 318Ti Forums.

For those interested in seeing a few videos, we have put up a small compilation with clips from Mat.

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Supercharged Summer Sale! Get 25% Off!

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Get supercharged in the summer of 2023! Because this summer we are back with our massive Summer Sale offering you 25% discount from all Hyde Motor Works Supercharger kits and pulleys in our shop. Our customers down under as usual might prefer calling it the winter sale, of course.

Start today with your summer project and save 25% with the coupon code below!
From June 14 to July 30.

Be sure to look out for all new products being added this year to our wide range of kits. Such as M1 REV 2, Harbinger, O.T. M10, Black Kaiser V8 and many Rotrex Based Kits.

If you are not sure which kit you need to reach your HP goal, use our Product Finder Tool or send us an email to: support@hydemotorworks.com.


Get supercharged noch diesen Sommer 2023! Denn diesen Sommer sind wir zurück mit unserem massiven Summer Sale und bieten Ihnen 25% Rabatt auf alle Hyde Motor Works Supercharger Kits und Riemenscheiben in unserem Shop. Unsere Kunden in Downunder würden es natürlich lieber als Winter Sale bezeichnen.

Beginnen Sie noch heute mit Ihrem Sommerprojekt und sparen Sie 25% mit dem untenstehenden Coupon-Code!
Vom 14. Juni bis 30. Juli

Halten Sie Ausschau nach allen neuen Produkten, die in diesem Jahr zu unserer breite Palette an Bausätzen hinzugefügt werden. Wie z.B. M1 REV 2, Harbinger, O.T. M10, Black Kaiser V8 und viele Rotrex-basierte Kits.

Solltest Du nicht sicher sein mit welchem Kit Du Dein PS-Ziel erreichen kannst, hilft Dir unser Produktfinder-Tool oder sende eine E-Mail an: support@hydemotorworks.com.


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Featured Supercharged Build of March 2023

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Spring is near and we have our featured build of March! Coming your way is this Silver Supercharged E36 328i from France!

Owned and built by Antoine Leroy from Chartres, France. He was a avid biker whom after a motorbike accident was left with the use of only one arm, but he didn’t give up. He shifted his motoring hobbies and added two more wheels to it!

Powered by a Hyde Motor Works V3 Supercharger Kit and the infamous SR1 Manifold, this car is using the Eaton M90 supercharger that pushes out 11PSI with an air to air intercooler on the stock M52B28 engine. Putting down enough power in the lower end to leave a E46 M3 screaming on top of its cast aluminum lungs, a few car lengths behind! The featured V3 supercharger setup itself is capable of a maximum of 14PSI of boost with an air to air intercooler, while maintaining its efficiency range.

This E36 328i started its life as a regular automatic and was something of a daily driver, which slowly shaped into what it is today, a Supercharged Silver Speed Machine! Used now mostly as a track toy. Over the years Antoine did numerous modifications to this car, including a 5-speed manual transmission, which the reader will see from the video, Antoine shifts much better than most people who have an arm to spare, and his competitive climbing hobby explains a lot of that sheer determination!

Almost all the work on this car was by Antoine himself and his buddy, a jolly English Pitbull called Bimmer!

Antoine plans to run a M1 REV 2 Kit this year. He is well known by us here at Hyde Motor Works as him and his Pitbull Bimmer have visited us a few times in Stuttgart, Germany. And it is our pleasure to be able to present his build.

Here is a feature length video of Antoine driving his ultimate supercharged driving machine in the French countryside below!

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