SC14 Supercharger DIY Servicing Tutorials

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Here’s some easy to do it yourself tutorials to service the SC14 Blower. This will be updated from time to time and cover topics such as Changing the Oil, Swapping the SC14 Pulley and Fixing Blower that might have seized up out of the blue.
Last Updated: 10th October 2017

SC14 Tutorial 101: Pulley Removal & Swap

Removing & Swapping the Pulley on the SC14 Blower is a relatively easy process, You just require a c clip remover and some basic tools. Below is a quick guide I have put together. Here’s how to do it with some pictures.

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Expected Power Gain Formula

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Boost Calculations for M52B28 Motor and SC14 Supercharger

Supercharger Boost & Power Calculations

Here I will try to show the calculations and formulas used to get an rough estimation of expected boost from an Supercharger. The Formula can be applied to other setups and superchargers as well,

For this example We will be using the BMW 2800cc M52B28 engine as the basis the amount of boost expected from using the SC14 + 103mm Holden Pulley, To read more about pulley options for the SC14 please go read About the SC14 Supercharger Category.

And please skip to the bottom of the page if all the math below makes you dizzy, I originally modified and used this formula courtesy of the datsun1200 forums.

Note: This has served in conjunction with the FAQ section of the old site since 2015, now that we have our dedicated FAQ Section, its time to retire this as a simple post back on the blog. Last Updated – 4/29/2017

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