About Hyde Motor Works

Hyde Motor Works specializes in custom Supercharging options for BMW’s. Currently based in Stuttgart, Germany and New Jersey, United States of America. We offer a wide range of affordable, designed in house competitively priced supercharger kits & setups to BMW enthusiasts everywhere!

Greatness from small beginnings

If anything, that motto above sums it well, One of the most successful public BMW projects today, Hyde Motor Works was originally setup as the holder of the BMW M52 Supercharger Project started in April 2015 with roots in New Zealand where we still maintain a mail room till this day. Originally it all came into being as a project turned into investment in order to serve as a cost efficient bolt on modification to get more power out of the stock naturally aspirated BMW Motor’s. Coming up with a custom Supercharger setup was something we always wanted to do, Specially for the Right Hand Drive (RHD) countries. As a way to get returns on our investments, we made our work available to the public, So that anyone wishing to get more performance could use them to construct a similar unique setup at a fraction of the cost of what the competition charges.

Over the years we have had the pleasure of interacting and personally dealing with a number of individuals and clients from around the world. The project had appealed greatly to the public and as a result grew bigger. We began to collaborate with my regional associates to further market and establish the setups as well as getting involved in larger projects. With setups having competed in professional racing circuit environments with great results, It was now important to expand in order to accommodate all future works and better reach the growing number of clients & enthusiasts everywhere. Today HMW has become the successor of the original project itself, as we venture into the development of other supercharger projects to add a mix of variety to the large demographic of followers in all parts of the world.

About HMW K.C. Design

HMW K.C. is our main Research & Design house, based in New Jersey, Unite States of America. K.C. is short for Keith Caldwell, An hobbyist & engineer who was half the brains and brawn’s behind the realization of the M122H Project, as well as the HMW V3 being brought back into the market. Hence HMW K.C. is in short the designation for our joint collaboration in the project.

Having previously built multiple American Muscle Cars, Keith built his first Boosted BMW using an M90 Eaton Supercharger back in 2016. The prototype was so well done that upon coming to surface we started exchanging ideas of our concepts. Shortly after, by early 2017 we finally collaborated and formed a partnership that led to HMW K.C. as a joint effort to bring light onto what was at the time, one man’s vision and mere fantasy of many in the BMW community worldwide. That vision was a simple powerful setup based on a very large modernized OEM Roots type Supercharger that could hold its own against even larger displacement highly priced Twin Screw setups and Turbos – And all while keeping the BMW Engine and majority of the components intact and in place, and most importantly still affordable. After months of hard effort, we had success. The Project was set to be made publicly available and showcased for the first time on Bimmerfest 2017. And we have continued in that path of innovation & improvements ever since. Keith is currently the Chief Engineer of HMW, in charge of all future R&D and operations in North America.