V2 Simple SC14 Supercharger Brackets for BMW’s

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The V2 Evolution of the our Original SC14 Supercharger Brackets for BMW’s are available now. Unlike the V1, These V2 design requires no welding at all. Its a simple Thick Plate Based Bolt on Bracket System that now truly offers an simple universal fitment of the SC14 Supercharger into all BMW 6 Cylinder M50NV/M52/M54/S50/S52/S54 Based Motors.

The HMW V2 Design Replaces the Power Steering Bracket as a whole as well as cleverly comes around the alternator and bmw belt tensioner to secure itself onto the motor, On top of that there is the addition of top brackets to offer more rigidness to the setup.

Update: 20th Oct 2016 – V2.1 Revisions Available Now!

Initially started as a simple economical option to the original V1, and built with the M50NV Motor in mind, it was shortly re-designed upon to expand itself to offer fitment of the SC14 into ALL and ANY M50/M52/S50 Based Motor. It takes the goods sides from its predecessor as in monumental task of retaining all drive belt accessories as Alternator, Power Steering and instead just places the Supercharger on the very top side where the Air Filter Box usually sits, then it goes further and evolves by incorporating the whole bracket system into a few plates for the simplest ease of fit and cost of build.