V2 SC Belt Orientation Wrap Pulley Addon Upgrade for V1 Users

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For users of the V1 Design, a Minor Evolution of the Bracket System, This adds a secondary pulley and changes the belt orientation slightly, allow more tension to be put on as well as allow more belt grip and wrap around the SC and alternator pulleys, specially needed when using smaller pulleys to eliminate any belt slip, this should also increase the boost due to the factors above.

Image on the right is full scale copy of the template itself, which can be printed out to borderless A4 Paper, mind the dimensions.

Note 1 : V1 Users can also avoid this plate by incorporating the mounting of the wrap pulley directly on the bottom of the sc14, Bolt Hole #2 or bolt Hole #1.

Note 2 : Recommend 10mm Steel as it will otherwise warp; the stand Off would be 12mm, We used 3mm Steel for this just to test it out, hence stand off was 22mm. Also using this add on will cause the belt size to go up by some 50mm, Detailed information,  belt sizes etc can be found in the Installation Guide.