V1 Supercharger Brackets Whiteprints for S52/M52/M54/M50TU

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Originally Tailored for the BMW E36 & E46 M3, 328i, 325i, 323i, 330i. The System was a tried and tested step stone and versatile enough for most 6 Cylinder M52x line of BMW motors with VANOS. It was a heavy rigged construction, one undoubtedly with racing conditions in mind and unrivaled in terms of being lite & offering long term durability, but not without its complexity of build. Due to the bracket replacing the whole OEM Power Steering Pump & Reservoir mounting bracket and incorporates it all in one easy to bolt together and easily revertible assembly; it retains all OEM Drive Accessories as the Alternator, AC and Power Steering in their original positions! This makes this design and all its successors of building a Supercharged BMW to be easily suited to not only a M52B28 But the M50TUB, M54B28, M54B30, and S52 US.

The Final Product:

White Prints:

You simply buy the design templates as white prints shown above which will be shipped to you with the guide, you follow the guide that has enough descriptions, pictures & list of parts required for any novice, then use my white print to easily trace the bracket designs onto 5mm panel steel and have it cut out, the white print already features all the locations for every bolt hole, you simply cut it, minor welding is required and then simply bolt it all onto your engine for you to mount the SC14 Supercharger.

Early V1 Final Stages: