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Upon being paid tribute, in good will I allow the buyer to have this technical drawing copy to the HMW Designs and permit them rights for full personal usage in order to help in the construction, reproduction of a single set of Mounting Brackets a selected Supercharger to be installed on a BMW M52 Motor.

– On special request I may even buy the Parts, Supercharger, related accessories as well as have the Brackets Precut and shipped, as long as the costs are paid.

– Taking an order involves you the buyer to get in touch with me directly, most often by exchanging emails. I require the payments to be made to my bank or paypal account and also that you provide me with an name and shipping address for the products paid for. I may request pictures of your build to showcase.

I do so provide my services under the terms that these technical drawing of my designs or designs I have collaborated with my partners may not be resold, borrowed to or lent for reuse, nor reproduced physically or digitally without my permission.

Note: If you would like to use it for more than a single motor/car, Then please seek my permission, just drop me an small email prior and I will be more than happy to accommodate for a very small fees.

However understand that working on cars can be Hazardous, Please use my work at your own discretion, Fitment may vary on your car depending on the precision of the final engineering & welding work (for certain setups) done in respect to following the Whiteprints accurately. Setups taken directly through HMW will guaranty the craftmanship and fitment of the final product. Beyond this I imply no refunds, nor do I take any responsibility to assist in fitment or cover any costs beyond that of basic correspondence through email, skype or phone if possible, nor can I be held liable for unforeseen issues such as but not limited to the damage of your or anyone else’s health, finances, car and property, environment or that of others from its production, application or usage. These are hobbyist products and I advise checking with your regional laws and regulations.

All Rights® To Any Reproduction & Usage of This Bracket Design is Reserved & Only by Permission.

I am not affiliated with BMW, Holden, Ford, Toyota, Ogura or any other company or brand, All mention, products & logos are registered trademarks of their official owners. Any Images and pictures taken from the internet public archives as google images are strictly for illustration & educational purposes, all rights to are of respective owners. Pictures of other builds using this design belong to their respective builders and owners.