V2.1 Revision Whiteprints For SC14 Available Now

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Introducing the V2.1 Revisions, Whiteprints & Precut Brackets Available Now! Code Named “German Girl”. These will fit anywhere, full support for the newer power steering brackets found in the S54/M54 as well as M52TUB/S52 Motors.

Like its predecessor, V2.1 designs requires no welding at all and uses the same tried and tested simple Thick Plate Based Bolt on Bracket System for the SC14 Supercharger to be bolted into all following BMW 6 Cylinder Engines M50NV/M52/M54/S50/S52/S54 Based Motors.

Just follow the templates I send, Have the brackets cut out, drill out the holes, follow the installation guide, and bolt it all on!

It fits M50NV, M50B20 M50B25, M50TUB, M52B28, M52B25, M52TU, M54B25, M54B28, M54B30, S50B30 – S50B32 (Euro), S52B30 – S52B32 (US) & S54B32.

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