M52Supercharged Blog Has Moved to HydeMotorWorks

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The BMW M52Supercharged Project has now moved to Hyde Motor Works! The project’s success & evolution over the years not to mention demand through a client base of BMW enthusiasts around the world has led me towards envisioning a few greater public supercharger projects involving even larger and widely available superchargers. Formerly m52supercahrged.wordpress.com was a little blog I created back in late 2015, to showcase my BMW SC14 Supercharger project; since then a minor goal for a long time was always rebuilding the blog from scratch into a larger, properly organized layout.

I wanted something that appealed to me, did not alienate my old client base, improved upon where the last blog left, invited the younger neo client base while still making it easy for the older noir generation; something that could house new content and projects and display them in a more refined and elegant enough manner, and with a dash of neo-noir to the mix. And thus, Incorporating the original project entirely into Hyde Motor Works was the long awaited project this year conceived as – HMWProject17.

I hope this new atmosphere is an inviting one and that it serves as a better foundation overall for me to reach out and be of service to a greater number of BMW Enthusiasts Around the World!!

Thank you for all your support 🙂

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V2.1 Revision Whiteprints For SC14 Available Now

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Introducing the V2.1 Revisions, Whiteprints & Precut Brackets Available Now! Code Named “German Girl”. These will fit anywhere, full support for the newer power steering brackets found in the S54/M54 as well as M52TUB/S52 Motors.

Like its predecessor, V2.1 designs requires no welding at all and uses the same tried and tested simple Thick Plate Based Bolt on Bracket System for the SC14 Supercharger to be bolted into all following BMW 6 Cylinder Engines M50NV/M52/M54/S50/S52/S54 Based Motors.

Just follow the templates I send, Have the brackets cut out, drill out the holes, follow the installation guide, and bolt it all on!

It fits M50NV, M50B20 M50B25, M50TUB, M52B28, M52B25, M52TU, M54B25, M54B28, M54B30, S50B30 – S50B32 (Euro), S52B30 – S52B32 (US) & S54B32.

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Expected Power Gain Formula

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Boost Calculations for M52B28 Motor and SC14 Supercharger

Supercharger Boost & Power Calculations

Here I will try to show the calculations and formulas used to get an rough estimation of expected boost from an Supercharger. The Formula can be applied to other setups and superchargers as well,

For this example We will be using the BMW 2800cc M52B28 engine as the basis the amount of boost expected from using the SC14 + 103mm Holden Pulley, To read more about pulley options for the SC14 please go read About the SC14 Supercharger Category.

And please skip to the bottom of the page if all the math below makes you dizzy, I originally modified and used this formula courtesy of the datsun1200 forums.

Note: This has served in conjunction with the FAQ section of the old site since 2015, now that we have our dedicated FAQ Section, its time to retire this as a simple post back on the blog. Last Updated – 4/29/2017

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