V4 MOAB Supercharger Kits


V4 MOAB Supercharger Kits


The V4 supercharger kit is for the BMW 318ti, 318i, 316i, & Z3 4 cylinder enthusiasts with the M42, M43 & M44 motors. This kit supports 4 different superchargers: The AMR 500, Eaton M45, M62 and the SC14. All the setups can be intercooled. Now you have the option of using any supercharger you like, all at a fraction of the cost.



Enter the HMW V4 M.O.A.B. – Supports 4 different superchargers on all the BMW M4x based engines such as the M42, M43,M44. Based off the earlier V2 setups for the 6 cylinder, The V4 also incorporates a simple plate based design . The kit itself will maintain the AC, alternator, power steering. Overall a setup geared towards the 4 cylinder enthusiasts after rewarding themselves with more power from a extremely simple installation.

Note: The V4 MOAB supports the use of the newer M44 style manifold only.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

Boost Depending on Supercharger

AMR 500:  3-5PSI
M45: 7-8PSI
M62: 8-12PSI
SC14: 12-20PSI

Chassis Firment & Engines

For all E30 E34, E36, E46 – 318Ti, Z4, Z3 with the 4 cylinder BMW M4X motors as M44B19, M42B18, M43B16, M43B18, M43B19, M40 (Unofficial).


The SC14 & AMR500 will retain the stock manifold. The Eaton M45 & M62 will require you use the custom HMW Mini manifold adapter in place of the M44/M42 top manifold, as well as needing to either raise the hood hinges slightly in the rear or use a low profile hood scoop to clear the hood.

The Eatons and SC14 also use their separate belt drive while the AMR500 incorporates the factory belt drive.



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