SC14 Supercharger

Imported from Japan


The SC14 Supercharger is a compact Roots type unit with about 1430cc displacement. It is the heart of the V2 and V4 M.O.A.B. 1500 Supercharger Kit and offers a good bump-in power on 4-cylinder & 6 cylinder engines.

This supercharger is able to support an increase of about 100 HP ~ 150 HP.

NOTE: Superchargers are sold bundled with our Supercharger Kits only. If you are a existing customer or you want to buy one of our superchargers for a project, then please contact us.

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The Toyota SC14 is a 1430cc dual-lobe, dual-rotor compact heavy Roots type positive displacement supercharger designed by WANKEL AG in Korb, Germany and manufactured in license in Japan. This supercharger is a very compact roots style supercharger that is suited for 6 cylinder engines up to 3000cc in displacement. The SC14 supercharger features a magnetic clutch system that when wired to a 12V switched source, it can be turned on and off as desired – akin to the Mad Max movies, and it has the ability to spin both ways and still make power.

The SC14 supercharger is used for our V2 & V4 M.O.A.B. AMR 1500 Kits.


  • Condition of Supercharger: Our Supercharger units are used reconditioned and / or refurbishment units typically imported from Japan or Malaysia. A basic quality check is also done by us and the product is offered with its own limited warranty period of 6 months.
  • Continuous Speed of Supercharger: The manufacturer recommends that the product is never driven beyond 12000 RPM continuous speeds. It can tolerate a very brief burst speed over this recommended limit however prolonged exposure to anything beyond the limit will cause the supercharger to fail. Therefore if buying this for a project, size your crank drive pulleys accordingly.
  • Oil Level of Supercharger: Superchargers may ship without oil depending on your country, kindly use the correct supercharger oil according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, or contact us for advice. Improper oil can destroy the gears.
  • Water / Meth Injection: You must not use Water or Meth Injection on the Supercharger as it will wear off the coated lobes from the constant heat and cool down cycles.


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Weight11.4 kg



Heavy Roots type, Dual rotor dual lobe older design, Positive displacement supercharger.