SC14 Pulley Bearings

NSK Bearings for SC14 80mm Pulley


High quality NSK Bearings meant for the Hyde Motor Works 80 mm SC14 Supercharger Pulley. Please ensure you select the correct bearing for the pulley, based on your SC14 Supercharger, being Type 1 or Type 2.

(See details & specifications below for more information)


We offer these bearings to be used with our SC14 80mm over drive pulley. There are two sizes meant for 2 different variations of the SC14 Supercharger, as described below.

  • The Type 1 SC14 supercharger, has a 6 Rib Pulley with a crossface and yellow dipstick, it is commonly found in the Toyota Estima and Previa vans of the 90’s and requires the NSK 30×52 bearing.
  • The Type 2 SC14 supercharger, often found in the Toyota Crowns as GS120, GS121, GS130 1988–1990 Toyota Mark II/Chaser/Cresta GX81 and Toyota Supra’s from 1985-89. The Type 2 SC14 supercharger requires the NSK 40×52 bearing.


Should you still have any questions regarding the correct size, please contact us.

Additional information

Weight.150 kg

Purpose made for HMW 80mm SC14 pulley

Technical Details

High speed NSK bearing made