M122H Supercharger


The Eaton M122H Supercharger is the ultimate modern Roots supercharger. This supercharger is being used for our Hyde Motor Works M1 K.C. Rev. 2 Supercharger Kit.


The largest commercially available Eaton Roots Supercharger, the M122H was used in – among others – the Ford Shelby GT500 with its 5.8 l modular V8 (not to be confused with the smaller M112). This is so far the biggest purely Roots based blower you can put under the hood of a BMW while the 6-cylinders are still present and boasting an amazing 2l displacement. Out of the box, this sees a bar of boost (14 PSI) with an intercooler! And this only utilizes just over half of its potential.

Please note:

  • Condition: Our Eaton M122H Supercharger units are used or reconditioned units bought from suppliers in United States of America. A basic quality check is also done by us and the product is offered with its own limited warranty period.
  • Continuous Speed: Its recommended that the product is never driven beyond 18000 RPM continuous speeds. It can tolerate a very brief burst speed over this recommended limit however prolonged exposure to anything beyond the limit will cause the supercharger to fail. Therefore if buying this for a project, size your crank drive pulleys accordingly.
  • Oil Level: Superchargers may ship without oil depending on your country, kindly use the correct supercharger oil or contact us for advice. Improper oil can destroy the gears.
  • Water / Meth Injection: You must not use Water or Meth Injection on the Supercharger as it will wear off the coated lobes from the constant heat and cool down cycles.

Additional information

Weight20 kg



Heavy modern Roots type, Dual rotor and multi lobe design, Positive displacement supercharger.


Reconditioned Unit, Brand New Unit