HMW Grill Badge


HMW Grill Badge
Introducing the HMW Grill Badge: This vintage design of our logo with eye catching silver & platinum accents is a simple, yet bold statement.


This is a high-quality HMW Grill Badge originally made for our special clients’ builds. This badge is molded and then handcrafted to a great degree. It attaches to your car’s front grill with its threaded studs, bolts and backing plate. By attaching the HMW Grill Badge, you can display that you are using a HMW Kit.

Additional information

Weight .300 kg

All BMW's front nose grill's as well as other cars with grills or radiators where the mounting hardware can be used.*

Technical Details

Molded composite, hand crafted and painted. Mounting hardware consists of Studs, Bolts and backing plate which are included.