Intercooler & Piping Kit


Intercooler & Piping Kit


An off the rack budget friendly 2.5″ ID intercooler kit with good flow characteristics, The intercooler is modified to work well with all the HMW setups.

28″ Black Aluminum intercooler with 2.5″ ID Piping Kit.
(See product description and additional information below for all details)


This is not developed by HMW, but an off the rack budget friendly intercooler kit that we have used with good results on numerous builds including the M122H KC. This intercooler is specially modified with inlet & outlets facing towards the engine for convenience when using behind the stock BMW bumper.

Comes with Intercooler, all the pipe lengths, silicone hoses, clamps, painted black and can be made to work with all our supercharger setups.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Intercooler Specifications

Core Size: 20.75"x7"x2..375" inch
Overall Size: 27.5"x7"x2.375" inch
TIG Welded 6061 Aluminum


1x 28"x7"x2.5" inch Tube and Fin Intercooler, Inlet Outlets Modified with 90 Degree Outlets.

2x 90 degree Mandrel Bent Pipes
2x 45 degree Mandrel Bent Pipes
2x 75 degree Mandrel Bent Pipes
2x Straight Mandrel Bent Pipes
6x Straight Couplers
2x 90 degree Elbow Couplers.
16x T-bolt Clamps



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