BMW ECU Tune Software

Custom Tune from Road Rage Performance


Tuned software for a BMW with stock ECU running a Hyde Motor Works Supercharger kit.


These are custom made ECU software tunes developed by our partner Road Rage Performance in the UK.  Meant as a tailored solution for cars running a Hyde Motor works Supercharger kit on the BMW Engines.


  • *BMW FDTI flashing cable is required and can be supplied upon request
  • *Flashing Software is can also be provided upon request.
  • *All support related to the tune is provided only through Road Rage Performance.
  • All software is developed in house for specific use with Hyde Motor Works supercharger kits.
  • Depending on your setup Road Rage Performance will either send a pre built software or they will remote tune the vehicle with multiple revisions.
  • Instructions on how to flash and data log your ECU will be provided after purchase. They will also contact you to confirm the parts fitted to the vehicle.
  • Commonly available tunes include: BMW M52TU MS42 ECU Software, BMW M54 MS45 ECU Software, BMW M54 MS43 ECU Software, BMW S54 MSS54 ECU Software, BMW M52/S52 MS41 ECU Software.
  • Please consult us or Road Rage Performance directly for cars, engines or ECU’s not listed here.


For more information on this service you can also contact Road Rage Performance directly or via Instagram