High quality NSK Bearings meant for the Hyde Motor Works 80 mm SC14 Supercharger Pulley. Please ensure you select the correct pulley, based on your SC14 Supercharger, being Type 1 or Type 2.


There are two common variations of the SC14 Supercharger. Our setups, as of 2019, supports both. The SC14 unit, with the 6 Rib Pulley and the cross and yellow dipstick, is the Type 1 SC14 supercharger, which is commonly found in the Toyota Estima and Previa vans of the 90’s and requires the NSK 30×52 bearing.

The other is the Type 2 SC14 supercharger, often found in the Toyota Crowns as GS120, GS121, GS130 1988–1990 Toyota Mark II/Chaser/Cresta GX81 and Toyota Supra’s from 1985-89. The Type 2 SC14 supercharger requires the NSK 40×52 bearing.

Additional information

Weight.150 kg

Purpose made for HMW 80mm SC14 pulley

Technical Details

High speed NSK bearing made