AMR 500 Supercharger


AMR 500 Supercharger


The AMR 500 Supercharger is a small roots type unit with about 500CC displacement, its the heart of the V4 M.O.A.B Kit for a small bump in power on BMW 4 cylinder motors as M40, M42,M43 & M44.

Good for an increase of about 30HP ~ 50HP.

Currently out of stock. Available on Back order.

Available on backorder


The AISIN AMR 500 is a 500cc dual lobe dual rotor compact heavy roots type positive displacement supercharger developed by WANKEL in Korb, Germany and manufactured in license by OGURA-Clutch Co. Japan. This supercharger is small, produces just enough boost for a 1.6-2L 4 Cylinder Engine. Used on the entry level V4 kits. It has the ability to spin both ways and still make power.

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Weight 6 kg



Heavy Roots type, Dual rotor dual lobe older design, Positive displacement supercharger.



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