M122H Supercharged BMW & Bimmerfest East 2017!

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M50B30 Stroker with HMW KCM122H

Our Eaton M122H GT500 Based BMW Supercharger Setup was publicly unveiled at this year’s Bimmerfest East at Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey and was selected as one of the Top 50 cars. Conceived as alternative to not only the top dollar commercially available BMW Supercharger Setups today but even compete with most turbo setups at a fraction of the price and work involved.

Keith’s 93 325IS Blue BMW with over 250,000 Miles was the candidate and won the #38th Spot out of Top 50. With over 6 months of work on this project, many setbacks and eventually turning this vision into reality, it became a race against time as even the last 12 hours needed to be utilized to finish up and make it presentable. Finally with barely any tuning done, our setup was driven 300 miles going to and back from the event in Englishtown between the 29th and 30th July, with no failures. Sometimes as many as group of twenty or more would be gathered around. Our Decals & Black LTW Flag on the Fender were Done by Eric and Danielle at lostartistdesigns.com. We thank the events organizers and everyone for their support and interest.

Here are some highlights from the Event. Some Pictures also on the Gallery

The Monster blower is a modernized efficient iteration of the classic roots supercharger. It comes from a late 5.8L DOCH  V8 Mustang GT500 that uses the blower as its powerhouse, capable of 650 HP+ of flow at full speed. Project Code named as the HMW K.C. M122H, puts out about a bar of boost while intercooled!

Here’s a Quick Teaser, More coming soon!


Currently our M122H Setup is available as a custom order for the 6 Cylinder M50/M52/S50/S52 based BMW’s, with future projects deemed for the BMW V8’s as the M60B40 and B44 Motors.