M122H Setups & Custom Manifolds Rolling Out

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HMW KC M122H Brackets Kit 2019

As of this month, Our M122H Setups have Finally come through as the professionally made beautiful pieces they were planned out to be. These setups will fit the GT500 Eaton M122H Supercharger seeing over a bar of boost with an Intercooler, this as well support for larger 2.3L TVS as well as 2.8L Twin screws. Due to multiple delays in production, we eventually decided to have them made at the factory where all other work is carried out, all while Keith in our NJ Headquarters goes through every set individually, per order basis.

We are also now proud to offer our own HMW SS Line of Custom Aluminum Manifolds and at an affordable price range, focused mainly on Boosted Applications for the M5X Family of BMW 6. Cylinder Motors, they work well on NA as well. Furthermore these manifolds are further tailored for the M122H Setups based on Clients choice of having ether M5X or S5X engines.

Available Now! We have a good number of batches but they wont last long at these prices, so get your orders in today.

2018 – A Vintage Year

The word Vintage comes to mind when looking at the Highlights of Last Year, 2018 was a Milestone for us. We finally finished our M122H GT500 Supercharger Project as well as Custom Manifolds for the 6 Cylinder M5X Family of Motors. We are the first to have this size of a Roots blower setup for BMW’s released for public usage, That as well as proudly having our work showcased in The 2018 Stoneleigh UK Kit Car Shows through our cooperation in being part of DMO Sports Cars Family. The Successes of the year had led me to having a brief get together meeting with the Steven of DMO in Amsterdam, Netherlands; discussing potential future prospects of working together.

…this was all of course while I was on a Invitation to spend the Christmas & Holiday Season in the Snowy Dark Winters of Germany, Wonderful Time, Among Equally Wonderful & Warm People. A Vintage Year Indeed.

Other than that, this year will be even better as we dive into the BMW M20’s and M60 V8’s Projects and Prepare the M90 and M62 Supercharger Projects for Public Re-Release.