M122H Rev 1 officially available & M4x SC kit under development

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You are currently viewing M122H Rev 1 officially available &  M4x SC kit under development
HMW KC M122H Full Kit

As of 1st July, The Rev 1 of the HMW M122H KC kit is available to order. Things have been rather slow at our end to announce this primarily due to Keith’s mother having suffered a major stroke. We decided to put things on halt for a few weeks, all while having to catch up on some pre orders. There are now a few builds on the main bmw forums based on these kits and we are finally able to take orders on these.


HMW V4 M.O.A.B – Supercharger Kit for the BMW 4 cylinder

We are now also working on a 4 cylinder supercharger kit that is made for the M42, M43, M44 motors found commonly in the 316i and 318i’s and all their relative models. Code named V4 M.O.A.B- Short for Mother Of All Brackets, its based off the original V2 designs. Throughout the past decade there has been a few SC kits offered for these motors, The most prominent being the DASC kit using the Eaton M62, which is an 1L roots blower. The HMW V4 will be something spacial for the 318Ti & Z3 enthusiasts. Not only are we building our most comprehensive & modular kit yet, but with support for the 1.5L SC14. Making it the largest commercially offered supercharger kit for these cars in history.

Currently in prototype stages this kit supports 4 different superchargers, ranging from the AMR 500, SC14, Eaton M45 & and M62, with intent of having future iterations that support the M90 and M122H. The boost will range from an humble 5PSI for the stock motors wanting to use the smaller AMR500 to an astonishing 12 – 20PSI. The Kit itself will maintain the AC, The Alternator, the Power steering. The SC14 & AMR500 will retain the stock manifold, while the Eaton M45 & M62 will require replacing the top part of an M42/M44 Manifold with the custom HMW mini plenum.

Its a project I have personally overseen after having bought a little 318ti from a local club member, upon release I intend to make them a very well priced option that costing a fraction of anything else out there. In a future post after the CAD & Production team goes through them I will update you all on future progress. We expect to have them ready by the end of August.