Harbinger – P2 Centrifugal Supercharger Kit for BMW

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We are proud to release our most compact and affordable Supercharger Kit yet. Introducing the Harbinger Supercharger Kit for BMW’s!

The Harbinger (Pronounced: Har – bing – er) was built with a few key principles, which are being able to offer a supercharger setup that can deliver high performance with an affordable price tag while still keeping the reliability of our traditional supercharger kits. Targeting enthusiasts that are looking for a compact option for their BMW M5x and S5x engines.

Although actual development has started in 2021, pre-development concepts of it can be found at K.C. Design Concepts, New Jersey, United States as early as 2020. The kit itself is built around using a P2 Centrifugal Supercharger unit. This is a very affordable supercharger unit produced by Speedmaster79 in Australia with manufacturer part number PCE157.1002. The P2 Centrifugal Supercharger is a dry self contained unit that does not require any external oil coolers and can be bought with a warranty directly from the manufacturer. This rather large supercharger is a direct drive unit that’s rated to be able to support up to 1150CFM and some 55,000 RPM by Speedmaster.

One of the challenges we came with when building the Harbinger was the supercharger drive system. The unit is a direct drive and sold without a gearbox to drive it, this means we had to simplify the drive system to ensure the final kit can maintain one of the key principles, which is affordability for the enthusiasts. We resolved this by designing a custom toothed COG Pulley and belt, produced exclusively by us to make this system work. The custom toothed Pulley itself had multiple concepts and sizes.

Currently, we provide the kit with only one pulley option that limits the maximum RPM and work load of the supercharger just under 80%. This is to increase the reliability and longevity for the end user. Larger drive pulleys would be an option in the future.

Being a centrifugal supercharger, the Harbinger of course behaves much different than our traditional Roots and Twinscrew Supercharger kits. With the Harbinger the power delivery is more similar to a turbocharger, where the boost starts to build from the higher mid RPM range and continues to build up as you reach a higher RPM. Being a centrifugal it is also quite efficient and provides a cooler charge temperature. This means for those wanting a low boost setup, they can use this without an intercooler.

Developed with both stock and built engines in mind, this setup will work for both factory stock and built engines with aftermarket head gaskets, rods, pistons and head bolts. While a built engine will be able to handle more power, on a stock engine, we suggest limiting the boost to 10 PSI, using a boost controller and a bypass valve.

The Harbinger will also be the first time we offer a supercharger kit in a colour other than black! That’s right, these CNC machined Harbinger kits will come in 2 different colour options, Azur Blue and Dark Yellow inspired by BMW.

With all the pre-production prototypes sold out and a future BMW N52 Engine concept in the works, currently the final Harbinger kits are in production and available for ordering with a late May 2023 delivery schedule.

You can Pre-Order the Harbinger today from our Shop.

Watch the video below from Keith to find out more about the kit and how simple it is to install on on your car!