Featured Supercharged Build of January 2023

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We start the new year with a new build! We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday season. Today, we are back with our featured build of the month, January 2023.

This custom purple colored Supercharged E46 330i drift machine is owned by Logan Roecker hailing all the way from Nebraska. Logan has been drifting for almost 8 Years now, always with the stock 230HP M54B30 engine under the hood.

Logan doesn’t take it easy on his car, as one can see from his many videos posted. Upon a closer look at the car, you will notice the numerous repairs Logan had done on the fly to his little bad boy which is now Supercharged using a Hyde Motor Works V3 Supercharger Kit. Around August of 2021 Logan reached out to us, among his lines were “Always thinking of more power and how I want a super charger…. the 3L engine (M54B30) lacks in some areas where I need it the most and with gearing I can only do so much.

As most readers already know, unlike a Turbo system although more efficient for peak power, requires to spool up and will typically only deliver power at the higher RPM ranges. While a Roots or Twin-Screw supercharger delivers instant torque and power. This means the power band and power delivery of a supercharged engine is very linear, thus a lot of torque and power is available from the down low through out the rev-range.

Logan was passionate about it, he said he was in, so were we. After some consultation we decided on the V3 Supercharger system, a setup that uses the Eaton M90 roots supercharger. This system is capable of delivering up to 12-13PSI with an air to air intercooler with the proper pulley sizing. Meaning an almost double the HP increase in theory to the crank if the Supercharger is pushed to the limits of its efficiency and airflow.

Logan started his build around Spring 2022. Upon commencing the build, we found out he was sent an early prototype version of the Kit. During that time, we were also experiencing delivery issues with our SR1 Manifold, which is meant to be used with the kit. However, Logan overcame it all, He used a Manifold from the Diesel M56 engine, which is a modified version based on the BMW M54. Then with a little help from us, Logan had this whole system up and running and ready for summer!

Logan, who is better known as Camel to his friends or Camel Drift on Instagram, is part of a drift team, he has won first and second places in a couple of Drift Championships. He also runs his own Instagram Channel where he likes to post videos covering his builds, modifications and raw footage from Drift Events where he participates.

We have a new video now featuring Logan’s E46 with the Hyde Motor Works V3 Supercharger kit in the Kansas City Drift Association 3rd Annual Monster Bash in 2022 below!