BMW M10 Supercharger Kit for BMW 2002, E30 & More

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You are currently viewing BMW M10 Supercharger Kit for BMW 2002, E30 & More

In development since 2020, by its designer and engineer, Travis Emmett from New South Wales, Australia. This OT M10 kit uses the Eaton M45 Supercharger (M65 Mercedes variant), with future plans to support superchargers such as the SC14, Eaton M62 and Rotrex C38. Travis gives us an update to this Supercharger Kit made for the legendary BMW M10 engine, found the older E30 and BMW 2002 models as well as the BMW 1800, 1802, E12, E21, E28.

The BMW M10 Engine has a history to it for setting records in the racing world in mid 20th century. It was the base from which BMW Built the M12 used in Formula 1, known for making a maximum of 1400 HP.

Pre Orders available now for a summer 2023 release! Contact us today!

Join Travis in his video introducing you to the pre production prototype of the OT M10.