Set of live whiteprint templates full sized including CAD files from HMW, licensed to your name for personal use. This will get you started from scratch!

  • Available for V2.1X regular 6 cylinder’s, V2.2Z for the Z4, V2.E30 for E30 Chassis, V3 Eaton M62/M90 & V4 M.O.A.B. (4 cylinder).
  • Supports the following motors: M50B25, M50TUB25, M52B28, M52TUB28, M54B30, M54B25, S50B30, S50B32, S52B32, S54B32.
  • The HMW M122H KC Whiteprints are not publicly available.


After years of providing the service of CAD files & licensed Whiteprints, We have closed this service and no longer offer them for sale. Any order will be refunded.

For the grass roots enthusiast looking to do it all from scratch, to make things easier we offer do offer a few different sets of 1:1 white print plans based on your motor and car and supercharger you want to use. Just follow the templates. Have the brackets cut out, drill out the holes, follow the installation guide* and bolt it all on! All future updates to the design are also free of charge.

NOTE: Downloads expire after a week, If you are having trouble downloading or looking to re-download, simply contact us with your details & we will send you the latest copy. We also recommend getting in touch with us before you start the process of making the brackets to ensure you have the sizes & quantities correct.

* Installation guide available for V2.1X, V4 Video Installation instructions on YouTube & V3 Installation support via email only.

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Weight .500 kg
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V2.1X, V2.2Z, V2.3E30, V3 Eaton, V4 M.O.A.B.


Digital/CAD Format – downloadable or 1:1 Live Whiteprint format via airmail on request.

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