V2x SC14 Supercharger Kits


V2x SC14 Supercharger Kits


The award winning V2 based supercharger kits using the 1.4L SC14 roots supercharger. Complete support for all M50/M52/M54/S50/S52/S54 motors, slight variations for the Z4 & E30 chassis. A very strong setup for those who are new and are looking to add an additional +50-100RWHP to a stock motor.

Average Power Curve: 260-300RWHP @ 5900 RPM
Absolute Max Recorded Power: [email protected] 6200 RPM

(See performance specifications below for more information)



This is one of our oldest running kits, its been everywhere, from kit car shows, the streets to race tracks. This setup powered the first supercharged car in the 2017 American Endurance Races where our teams car won 3rd place. Its a simple plate based design that takes care of it all, well matured & extensively covered, works on all the M5x and S5x based BMW motors. We even offer custom pulley’s for the supercharger as well. Great addition for stock motors looking for a moderate gain.

Additional information

Weight 6.5 kg
Tested Performance Specification:

Engine: M54B30
Boost: 6.5PSI Intercooled,
Rear Wheel HP: 328 RWHP @ 5800 rpm
Rear Wheel Torque: 320 ft-lbs @ 4200 rpm

Power & Boost

Power: +50 – 100RWHP Capable*
Boost: 3 – 10PSI Direct or 5-7PSI Intercooled

Chassis Fitment

The V2.1X Supports all the 6 Cylinder M5x & S5x Motors. However for the Z4 and E30 there are 2 different variations.

V2.1X – for all E34, E36, E38, E39 and E46.

V2.2Z – for Z4 M54B30

V2E30 – for E30 Chassis with M50/M52/M54 or S50/S52/S54 engine swaps.



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